At Clayton Financial Group, we are a leading provider of Personal CFO Services. As a boutique firm, we offer a variety of services, which are customized to you and your family. Our ultimate goal is to simplify your financial life, through organization and planning, and to deliver an unparalleled level of personal service.

Personal CFO Services offered include:
  • Objective, comprehensive planning
  • Retirement planning

– Cash flow management

– Creation of tax-efficient income stream

– Investment management design

– Investment of your portfolio

– Rebalancing of your portfolio

  • Investment management
  • Tax preparation

– Including year-round planning and delivery of state and federal returns

– Managing quarterly estimates

  • Estate document review
  • Independent insurance evaluation
  • Review of and coordination of company benefits
  • Banking and cash management
  • Philanthropic services, including:

– Family Foundations

– Donor Advised Funds

  • Expense management/bill pay services
  • Executive compensation review, including but not limited to:

– Incentive and Non-Qualified Stock Options

– Deferred Compensation

– Restricted and Performance Shares

  • Assistance with business or personal travel

By managing the Total Process, our goal is to provide you and your family with a comprehensive financial planning perspective and an investment strategy. Listed below are action items that represent components of the ongoing financial strategy.

Money Management

Action: We will analyze your current income, current expenses, planned future expenses, and possible unexpected costs so that we can provide an objective view of your overall financial situation.

Financial Independence

Action: We will review with you financial models to provide a realistic sense of a future financial position.

Estate Planning

Action: We will help you create a well thought-out plan for transition of assets in a tax-efficient manner.

Tax Planning

Action: We will consider your tax situation to make recommendations about contributions to and distributions from pre-tax and Roth accounts, tax-loss harvesting, and charitable donations.

Risk Management

Action: We will review your current insurance situation and prepare a plan to mitigate the financial impact of possible catastrophic events. Insurance needs vary as your grow older and as your family’s circumstances change. As we are exclusively fee-based, we do not sell insurance, but rather we make sure the appropriate level of coverage is in place.

Family & Charitable Gifting

Action: We explore with you any desires to transfer assets to family members, cover educational expenses, and contribute to not-for-profit organizations.